Tuesday, 25 November 2014


 List of Demands: 'Leon's List'

  1. All further budget cuts to the libraries are halted with immediate effect to allow for meaningful public consultation.
  2. Reverse decision to cut library hours – at a minimum, restore all day opening on Saturdays, and at least one late night per week
  3. Any proposal to devolve responsibility to Town and Parish Councils is reviewed by a strategy group of experts.
  4. If volunteers are needed, then recruitment is done properly with clearly defined roles and money set aside for training.
  5. Review how the cuts to the mobile library service will meet the needs of people in remote areas.
  6. Any move of One Stops Shops into Library buildings is halted immediately.  One Stop Shops are only to be moved if it is not at the expense of library space, staff and if the capital money in this case goes to libraries also.

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